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2017 年 12 月 29 日
IC8300 On-Line User manual
Section 1
1.1 Important Safty Precautions and Attentions.
1.2 Standard and Optional Items in Package.
1.3 Introduction of the camera body.
1.4 Mechanical Dimensions and Back Focus Length
1.5 Clean the CCD sensor and the method to avoid condensation.
Section 2:  Slave Mode
2.1 Introduction of the Slave Mode
2.2 Drivers Installations on Windows and Camera Connection.
2.3 The Simple Introduction of the Capture Software.
Section 3:  Master Mode
3.1 Introduction of the Master Mode
3.2 Use Command Line to Control the Camera
3.3 User Remote Desktop to Access the Camera
      3.3.1 Use EZCAP to Capture
3.4 Camera System Information Setup
3.5 Use EZAstronomer Software Package
3.6 Programming your own code on IC8300
3.7 Use Camera to Control the Mount
3.8 User Camera to Control the Electric Focuser
3.9 Rebuild the img file onto SD card
3.10 User Third Part Astronomy Software Package
      3.10.1  iAstroHub for InterCam Camera
3.11 Update the IC8300's Usb firmware
Section 4:  FAQs
Section 5: Advanced Guide for Developer
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