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QHYOAG User Guide
2019 年 04 月 06 日
QHYOAG User Guide
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QHYOAG User Guide.pdf
QHYOAG has three models. The major difference is its different diameter. The three model are QHYOAG-S,QHYOAG-M,QHYOAG-L.While their thickness are all 10mm.
There are six 3mm through hole. It can be used to connect some adapters or QHYCFW2 filterwheel or QHY"A" series cameras. Normally speaking QHYOAG can not be used alone. It must be used with some adapters.
In one side of QHYOAG there is a thumb which is for prism location adjustment. Please adjust the location of the prism carefully and let it not block the light patch to the CCD sensor. If you found there is dark shadow in the image you can adjust the prism a little faraway from the CCD sensor.
There is a focuser in the QHYOAG. It is for the focus adjustment of the guider. There is a thumb to lock the position. When focusing please loose this thumb. After focusing get well , lock it. Please do not move the focus ring when in lock status to avoid the damage. When it is locked, you will still find the focus ring can be rotate a little. This is normal and the focus is not changing.
The light patch hole of the QHYOAG is 7mm for the guider camera.
Please remove the protection film of the prism before using it.
QHYOAG can be used with QHY5-II series guider. Please note the distance from prism surface to the guider camera sensor should be the same with the distance to the main CCD sensor. If the distance is too short and even the guider is in shortest position, guider can still not get focusing. You can remove the QHY5-II's front part to reduce the distance a little . If the distance is too long, you can plug the guider a little out of the focuser or you can use the 1.25inch extender that coming with the QHY5-II series camera.

The connection method of QHYOAG-S
When using the OAG but not with the QHYCFW2 or QHY"A" seires camera. You need use the pair of the thread adapter to connect in order to bring the M42/0.75 or M54/0.75 thread for the OAG. These thread is all female thread. Please pay attention that each piece of the thread adapter will bring 3mm to the OAG. So if you using a pair of the thread adapter, the total length of the OAG should be 10+3+3=16mm. If you only install one piece of the adapter. (eg, when connecting with QHYCFW2, QHY"A" series camera), the total length of the OAG is 10+3mm=13mm.
QHYOAG-S:Only support M42/0.75 thread adapter.
QHYOAG-M: Support both M42/0.75 thread adapter and M54/0.75 thread adapter.
The setup step:
You will find a pair of M42/0.75 thread adapter and some screws in a plastic bag.
Put one piece on front of the OAG, one on back side of the OAG. Use six M3 screw to connect them. Normally speaking the one with M3 thread should be put in back side of the OAG. Now with the two piece thread adapter the total length is 16mm.
After connected.
If you have some sepcially need, You can ask some factory to customerize your adapter. The dimention can be find here. The six hole is on a D=54mm circle.
The samples that connect with all kinds of front part.
Connect with M42/0.75 to 2inch adapter (made by QHYCCD)
Connect with M42/0.75 to 1.25inch adapter (made by QHYCCD)
Connect to a NIKON lens adapter.After connected, the total length of OAG+nikon adapter is 25mm.
How to Connect QHYOAG-S with QHY Products
  1. For most QHY Camera with small sensors:
The diameter of the QHYOAG-S is small and can only fit with the cameras whose sensor size are smaller than or equal to APS-C, like QHY174/178/224/290/183/163, QHY21/22/23, QHY9, etc.
We need to connect the camera by bolts through the six screw holes. And you need to prepare:
  • The camera body
  • OAG Adapter1 & Adapter2 (The difference between OAG1 and OAG2 is that OAG2 has bigger screw holes so that it can contain bolts)
  • Extra adapters 020056 and 020086 (needed additional purchase)

First unload the M42 adapter (which is not needed) on the camera body and then load the stuffs through the order as follow:
Camera body-020056-OAG1- 020086-QHYOAG-OAG2
And here is the finished condition.
  1. For QHYCFW2/3 and A-Series (like QHY695A)
Much easier. Make the connection through the order:
CFW/Camera body-QHYOAG-OAG2. No need for extra adapters.
  1. For QHY8L/10/12
Currently there’s no suitable adapters for these old models. If you have the demand, please contact us and we can customize them for you.

The connection method of QHYOAG-M
It is very simialr for QHYOAG-M. You can take the step above. The only difference is QHYOAG-M support both M42/0.75 and M54/0.75 thread adapter. So there is totally four possible setup: Both side is M42/0.75, both side is M54/0.75, front is M42 and back side is M54. front side M54 and back side M42.
Both side is M54/0.75
Front is M42/0.75 and back side is M54/0.75
Front size is M54/0.75 and back side is M42/0.75
if you have some sepcially need you can design you own adapter and ask some factory to do it. The following is the dimention of it.
Front connection samples
Connect with M54/0.75 to 2inch adapter
Connect with M42/0.75 to 2inch adapter
Connect with M42/0.75 to 1.25inch adapter
Connect directly with some telescopes which have the M54/0.75 male thread
Back Size connection samples
Connect with QHY11 : We recommand with QHYCFW2-M
Connect with QHY16200A
Connect with QHYCFW2-M

Connect with QHYCFW2
In QHYCFW2 there is the M3 thread hole on it. So it can be conneted with OAG directly
QHYCFW2-S only supports QHYOAG-S
QHYCFW2-M only supports QHYOAG-M
QHYCFW2-L only supports QHYOAG-L
When connect with QHYCFW2 and with one piece thread adapter, the path length is 13mm for the OAG

Connect with QHY "A" series camera
QHY16200A only supports QHYOAG-M
QHY90A/695A only supports QHYOAG-S
QHY16803A only support QHYOAG-L
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