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Scientific CMOS: QHY2020 Scientific CMOS Camera Manual
2019 年 01 月 10 日
QHY2020 Scientific CMOS Camera Manual

1.Software Installation

Please go to QHY2020 download page at 

System Driver

    1.1  Install Windows System Driver.  Please select WIN10 or WIN7 driver based on your OS and run it.
    1.2  Connect the camera USB port with computer
    1.3  Computer will find the device and install it. After successfully installed. You will see the QHY5IIISeries_IO device in the AstroImaging Equipement section in device manager.

EZCAP_QT software

    1.4  Download the EZCAP_QT software and run installer.
    1.5  Run EZCAP_QT software. 
            *1) QHY2020 support both LiveVideo streaming mode and single frame mode. In liveframe mode, the camera will output the video streaming. In single frame mode the camera will not run till you send the start exposure command to camera. The EZCAP_QT works for single Frame mode. The Sharpcap works for live video mode.
            *2)  The QHY2020 is powered by USB cable. The +12V is for the cooler only. The QHY2020 can ouptut normal image without connect the +12V . But if you need cooling the cmos and need the temperature regular, you need to connect the +12V.
     1.6 Please refer the EZCAP_QT software manual to get to know how to use the basic function of it.
     1.7 By default. The QHY2020 works in HDR mode. It will output 4096*2048 image. Which consist with two 2048*2048 image.Left is the low gain channel image and the right is the high gain channel.  You can combine this two image into a "16BIT" HDR image in future, by proper calculation. You can do all kinds of the calibration on this 4096*2048 image.  We recommend you do the calibration first then combine into the "16bit" HDR image. If you combine to "16bit" image for first, it is hardly to do calibration later.
      1.8 In EZCAP_QT, you can set the sensor temperature control to "auto" mode and set the target temperature you prefer. The QHY2020 normally can achieve -40C below ambient . For example, you can set to "-15C" . Under the environment of 25C. The camera can get this temperature.

SharpCAP software

       The QHY2020 can works under SharpCAP software . In SharpCAP the QHY2020 works under the live video streaming mode. 

      1.9 Download the SharpCAP software from the SharpCAP website.
      2.0 You may need to replace the QHYCCD.DLL in the SharpCAP working folder to the QHYCCD.DLL in QHY2020 download page.
      2.3 Run SharpCAP software and you will see the live video from QHY2020 camera. The default is the HDR mode and it is 4096*2048. The default frame rate is 15FPS
      2.4 In live video mode. It allow you to select different CMOS clock to get different max frame rate. Please note the readout noise, FPN nosie performance may not the same on different clock. You can select the clock you preferred to use. And not all the clock can works under 16bit and DDR enabled status due to the bandwidth.
8BIT/without ddr:   SPEED 0-4 works   (SPEED 5 may not works well due to some LVDS channel phase train is not prefect)

8BIT/with DDR:  SPEED0-3 works   SPEED4,5 does not work

16BIT without DDR: SPEED0,1 works  SPEED3,4,5 does not work

16BIT with DDR: SPEED0 works only.




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