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Introducing Two New High-End Full Frame Cameras!
2018 / 01 / 02
Two New Models include: True RAW Image Output, Zero Amplifier Glow, 14 Stops Dynamic Range, 14-bit ADC, Anti-Dew Design, 128MB In-Camera DDR buffer

QHY367C 36 Megapixel, full frame (35mm format) COLDMOS camera with 2.0 - 3.2e- read noise, 58ke- full well capacity, and more great features. USD4399.
QHY128C 24 Megapixel, full frame (35mm format) COLDMOS camera. 1.8 - 4.0e- read noise, 74ke- full well capacity, and more great features.  USD3499.  Promotional Price USD2999 for orders placed before 2017.12.31.
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