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Deep Space Light Chaser Series: QHYCCD and TA's Deep Space 08
2021 / 01 / 06

In this extraordinary year, there are surprises as well as surprises. The only thing that remains unchanged is that we have been recording time and loving astronomy. Let's bid farewell to 2020 and welcome 2021 with this deep space photo album.

【Blue Horsehead Nebula from Negev Desert】
Photographer: Leo Shatz
Imaging telescopes or lenses: Takahashi FSQ 130ED
Imaging cameras: QHYCCD QHY367c
Mounts: Astro-Physics Mach1 GTO CP4
Software: DC-3 Dreams PinPoint Astrometric Engine · CCDWare FocusMax V.4 · PHD Guiding 2 · Adobe Photoshop CC · Main Sequence Software SGPRO · PixInsight 1.8
Filters: Baader UV/IR-Cut 2"
Accessory: QHYCCD OAG-M · QHYCCD PoleMaster
Dates:June 15, 2018 , June 27, 2019 , July 5, 2019
Frames:Baader UV/IR-Cut 2": 110x180" -15C bin 1x1
Integration: 5.5 hours
Resolution: 2895x2395
Locations: Negev Desert, Mitzpe Ramon, Israel
Data source: Traveller

【Rho Ophiuchi Mosaic】
Photographer: Dennis Sprinkle
Imaging telescopes or lenses: Stellarvue SVQ86
Imaging cameras: QHYCCD QHY128C
Mounts: Astro-Physics Mach1GTO
Software: Aries Productions Astro Pixel Processor APP · PixInsight · Photoshop · PHD2 Guiding · Sequence Generator Pro
Dates:April 10, 2019 , May 30, 2019 , June 30, 2019
Frames: 182x300" bin 1x1
Integration: 15.2 hours
Resolution: 1400x2509
Locations: Marathon Motel and RV Park, Marathon, TX, United States
Data source: Amateur hosting facility
Remote source: Marathon Remote Imaging Observatory (MaRIO)

【M94 Cat's Eye Galaxy】
Photographer: Jarret Trezzo
Imaging telescopes or lenses: Orion 10" f/3.9 Newtonian Astrograph
Imaging cameras: QHYCCD QHY268C
Mounts: Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G
Guiding telescopes or lenses: Astromania 60mm Guide Scope
Guiding cameras: QHYCCD QHY5III178M
Focal reducers: Tele Vue Paracorr Type 2
Software: Adobe Photoshop CC‎ · SynScan Pro · Adobe Lightroom Classic · PixInsight · Astro Pixel Processor · Metaguide 5.2.6 · Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018 · Sequence Generator Pro
Filters: Astronomik L2 UV/IR Cut
Accessory: Baader Planetarium UFC · MoonLite CRL 2.5" w/ Stepper Motor · Berlebach Planet Tripod · Spike-a Flat Fielder · QHYCCD PoleMaster
Resolution: 5017x3278
Locations: Backyard, Parrish, FL, United States
Data source: Backyard

【THE Soul Nebula without any stars】
Photographer: Terry Hancock 
Imaging cameras: QHYCCD QHY600m
Imaging telescopes or lenses: Takahashi FSQ-130
Mounts: software bisque Paramount ME
Guiding cameras: Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2 Lodestar Autoguider X2
Software: PixInsight 1.8 · Starnet ++ · Adobe Photoshopc CC
Filters: Chroma Ha 5nm, OIII 5nm, SII 5nm
Resolution: 8022x5538
Data source: Own remote observatory
Remote source: Grand Mesa Observatory

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