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[Deep space Chasing light series] QHYCCD and TA deep space album 02
2020 / 10 / 19

I do not know friends after watching the first deep space album, what do you think? Welcome to leave a comment on the interaction ha ~ friends are not all heart read the second phase, so, small make up this open the bottom of the box, to friends continue to share the great beauty of astronomical blockbuster!

【Three Planets on 2020-08-28 Evening】
Imaging telescopes or lenses:SkyWatcher BKP300
Imaging cameras:QHYCCD 5III462C
Accessory:TeleVue Powemate 4x
Resolution: 1450x850
Locations: Australia, Yass, New South Wales, Australia
Data source: Own remote observatory
Remote source: Heaven's Mirror Observatory

Photographer: Kurt Kimbrell

Equipment used:
QHY294c, Spacecat 51, avx with ADM saddle, qhy polemaster, astronomik l1 filter
Gain at unity -5c sensor temp
154x3min lights
64 darks
30 flats per night
200 bias
Total integration: 7 hours 54 minutes
Captured in bortle 2 skies Fort Griffin state historic site albany tx

【NGC 2841】

Photographer: Jarrett Trezzo

Imaging cameras: QHYCCD QHY268C
Imaging telescopes or lenses: Orion 10" f/3.9 Newtonian Astrograph
Mounts: Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G
Guiding telescopes or lenses: Astromania 60mm Guide Scope
Guiding cameras: QHYCCD QHY5III178M
Focal reducers: Tele Vue Paracorr Type 2
Filters: Astronomik L2 UV/IR Cut
Accessory: MoonLite CRL 2.5" w/ Stepper Motor , Berlebach Planet Tripod , Baader Planetarium UFC , Spike-a Flat Fielder , QHYCCD PoleMaster
Frames: 197x120"
Integration: 6.6 hours
Resolution: 3817x2593

The Pelican Nebula

Photographer: Harri Kiiskinen
Imaging cameras: QHY163M

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Takahashi FSQ-85ED
Mounts: iOptron IEQ 45 pro
Software: Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight , Lightroom , Seqence Generator Pro
Filters: Baader OIII 8.5nm 36mm Baader OIII 8,5 nm , Baader SII 8nm 36mm Baader SII 8nm , Baader Ha 7nm 36mm Baader Ha 7nm
Frames: 60x300"
Integration: 5.0 hours
Resolution: 4140x3403

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