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Comet C/2017 T2 was captured as it passed Messier M81 and M82
2020 / 06 / 01

Mr. Terry Hancock always surprises us with what he's got.

Comet C / 2017 T2 was captured by Terry Hancock and Tom Masterson using QHY367Pro as it passed through the galaxy Messier M81 and M82 in the night sky on Sunday night, 24 May 2020.


Technical Info:
Captured from Grand Mesa Observatory in Western Colorado on the May 24 2020 using the QHY367 Pro C Full Frame One Shot color CMOS camera on one of the Twin Takahashi E-180 Astrographs “System 4a”
Total Integration time: 2.1 hours
Image details
Location: GrandMesaObservatory.com Purdy Mesa, Colo.
38.963365, -108.237225
Dates of capture: May 24, 10:49pm - May 25, 1:02am
Color RGGB 125 min, 25 x 300 sec
Camera: QHY367 Pro C Color CMOS
Gain 2850, Offset 76
Calibrated with flat, Dark & Bias
Optics: Takahashi E-180 Astrograph
Image Acquisition software Maxim DL6
Pre Processed in Pixinsight and Deep Sky Stacker
Post Processed in Photoshop CC
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