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"QHY163 and QHY183 camera buy one get one free "
2020 / 05 / 26

   QHYCCD was previously released in the "QHY163 and QHY183 camera buy one get one free ", since the weather is getting better recently, the number of fans consultation increased significantly, there are some fans and call to consult more detailed activity content, so QHYCCD want to explanation this activity again.

    The original content of this activity is: the customer who buys QHY163M (monochrom version) or QHY183M (monochrom version)  can get a 50% discount card. The 50% discount card is applicable to QHY163C (color version) or QHY183C (color version) models. Customer can buy these two color cameras at a 50% discount based on the current sales price in the market.

    For example, the current market selling price of QHY183C is $699, 50% discount $349.
    50% discount card is applicable to QHYCCD official website email and QHYCCD authorized regular dealer online store.

   Exchange details can consult the shop customer service, with the card can enjoy a 50% discount.

QHYCCD official email address:sales@qhyccd.com


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