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Running to the singularity - QHYCCD moved to a new location in 2019
2019 / 01 / 25

[Singularity--Exploring the Unknown]
Mathematically, it is usually a point called an undefined point on a mathematical object called a singularity.
Physically, a point where existence does not exist is called a singularity.
In cosmology, Gravitational singularity, also known as spacetime singularity or singularity, is a point of infinitely small volume, infinite density, infinite gravitational force, and infinite curvature of time and space. Point, the current laws of physics are not applicable. For example, the singularity of the universe before the big bang, and the singularity of the black hole.

In the theory of American futurist Raymond Kuzwell, "singularity" refers to the integration of humans with other species (objects). To be precise, it refers to the magical moment in which computer intelligence is compatible with human brain intelligence. With the development of computer science, artificial intelligence, and biology, human beings will surpass the concept of ordinary biological concepts at this moment to realize human development. A major overflight in history.
Unknown, undefined, just like the unknown universe, mysterious, only continuous exploration is possible. The original heart of QHY camera was also to explore the unknown universe and search for the next earth. QHYCCD's scientific camera products are also exploring the universe. The frontiers and frontiers of life sciences play an important role. Now, we are working hard at this point in the center of the singularity.
[Singularity - a new starting point for QHY]
The singularity is also the new starting point of QHY, that is, the beginning of all things, the move has settled, and it also indicates that QHY will start to meet the challenges of the new year here. QHYCCD people will also bring more enthusiasm to the world. With high-quality cameras, we always believe that as long as I persist in the end, there will be a better tomorrow.
Members of the QHY family have helped each other in the process of moving, and the division of labor is clear. Although the moving process is hard, it is good for everyone to work together and conduct in a tight and orderly manner, so everything goes smoothly.
New year and new weather, in early 2019, QHYCCD moved, in the intensive preparations, QHYCCD moved to a new office: Room 503, Block A, Singular Center, No. 1 Energy East Road, Changping District, Beijing, welcome you to Tianai Exchange and share.
The sky is bright, the sun rises from the cold wind, and the fog in the distance adds a little mystery to the city.
Then review the logo of the QHYCCD old office, you can see it when you enter the door.
Because of the many things, the leaders are discussing the details of moving.
[small camera, great wisdom]
The small camera integrates a lot of wisdom, a camera has more than 100 assembled parts, so things are really a bit more, about 2,000 cases, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xinglong Observatory, NASA products, and many fans The wonderful pictures of the QHY camera are all from here.
Colleagues are carefully packing the items, the camera is more expensive, each camera is wrapped in a bubble bag and then sealed.

 Although I moved to the company, due to the end of the year, some agents demanded products, in order to respond to production and delivery as soon as possible, everyone worked together to make the company work as soon as possible. The sales of Qang are assembling the desk.
[QHY camera stocking]
In order not to affect the order, we hope that the fans can get the camera they liked before. Now they can order normally. You are welcome to consult, and the moon phase of the Spring Festival holiday is also suitable. If you encounter good weather, you can do it yourself or with your family. Enjoy the fun of starry sky shooting at the same time, recording a more beautiful starry sky.
QHY183, a 1-inch, back-illuminated chip, has become the first choice for enthusiasts of Star Shooting. It has been selected as the best-selling product by the famous American Sky & Telescope Astronomy Magazine.
Ample inventory of classic cost-effective cameras such as APS-H format in CCD series and QHY16200 in 1600w camera
The research-grade sCMOS camera QHY42 is also available for shipment, and 95% of QE is ideal for real-time research in the real-time field.
Outside the new company window, the first day of the move, I met the burning cloud.
[Drive Guide]
The new office of QHYCCD is located in Room 503, Block A, Singularity Center, No. 1 Energy East Road, Changping District, Beijing. Welcome everyone to visit and share.
Public transportation: 345, 922, 878, Chang 22, Chang 58 to Xiaozhai Station, walk to the Singular Center office building

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