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QHY42PRO is almost done
2018 / 12 / 13
 Recently we did some improvement of the QHY42 and the improved model is QHY42PRO. To Compare with QHY42, The QHY42 pro has the following improvement

1. Support both STD mode and HDR mode.  The STD mode outputs the 2048*2048 single channel image. The HDR mode support 2048*2*2048 (4096*2048) dual ADC image. One ADC is set to low gain and another ADC is set to high gain. 

2.The STD 2048*2048 support both 24FPS and 48FPS readout speed. We recommend use 24FPS since the FPN noise is much smaller than 48FPS

3. Support the native single frame readout with DDR buffered. The original QHY42 is taking a frame from the video streaming so it may cause some trouble (eg. one frame delay). The native single frame readout will resolve this issue.

4. We will add a RBI-preflash board to the QHY42PRO and to resolve the RBI photon remain issue .

The support frame rate/resolution/adc-bit is 

STD mode
2048*2048  24FPS  8BIT/12BIT
2048*2048  48FPS  8BIT only

HDR mode
4096*2048  12FPS  8BIT/12BIT
4096*2048  24FPS  8bit only

QHY42PRO has Grade 1 Sensor version has Grade 2 Sensor version. And also we have some Grade 3 sensor version. The image showed here is with a Grade 2 sensor. The specification of grade 1, 2, 3 is 

Grade 1: No defect column or row
Grade 2: There is Defect column or row but no defect cluster . Normally they can be removed by defect tools.
Grade 3: There is defect cluster.

In the image of EZCAP_QT captured, the left is low gain channel and right is high gain channel. It is easy to see that the HDR mode expanding the dynamic range a lot. In the left channel, you can see nothing in dark part. but in right channel you can see there is light in this part. An in right channel you can see the saturated area , while in the left image these area is not saturated.

The QHY42 user can upgrade to QHY42PRO in free upgrade cost  (not include ship cost).

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