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#About the photographer:

Thank you for visiting me regularly published works on photography of objects and events related to astronomy.
This hobby fascinates me since I can remember, at age 11 I bought my first book in a library that no longer exists in the Francos street of Seville (Spain), "Field Guide to Stars and Planets" Donal H. Menzel, which exploded in the end. A little later I could buy a “reflector” telescope of 50 mm aperture !!!!, it was like toy but for me it was the beginning, allowing directly observe the jupiter's galilean satellites and craters on the moon.
In those years (decade 1980s) I was in contact with the Astronomical Association of Sabadell, a pioneer in Spain, with many publications like double stars (JL Comellas), Planetary, photography and constructions of home made reflector telescope (J. Costas), the latter helped me a lot so that I could 150mm manufacturing a reflector fully home.
In 1986 i photographed the Haley's comet with a film camera Canon AE-1 and a photographic tripod, I still have the picture. I remember one morning in the pine forests of Aznalcazar (Sevilla) to see the comet with the Astronomical Association Albireo with 30 or 40 amateurs concentrated in that area.
At that time I finished my studies of  Industrial Engineering and professional and personal reasons I had to leave some active hobby but never gave up, underwritten followed the "Sky & Telescope" also "Astronomy", buying books and an instrument (Meade ETX90) and always looking to the heavens.
I photographed in 1996 with the same camera Canon Comet Hale-Boop in that year early from a place in the Sierra of Seville. 
From 2007 I decided to fully resume my hobby and especially the only discipline that unites Art, Science and Technology, the astrophotography. 
The experience and knowledge in performing these photographs has been thanks to friends of fans, publications, devoted much time and learned from mistakes.
A greeting and we have good heavens.
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