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I have always had a keen interest in astronomy.
I made my first steps in astronomy with incredible stories of stars and planets from a book I got for Christmas when I was about 3 years old. My mom read it to me. She is also interested in astronomy. Later there were night-time strolls to get acquainted with the brightest stars and learn the easiest constellations. My fist stargazing equipment were binoculars and later small 4" and 6" newtonian telescopes.
My astro library grew fast with such publications as observing the night sky on sky maps, star wheels, astronomy glossaries.
Throughout many years I observed eclipse phenomena from my own observatory of Lunar occultations and asteroidal occultations. I possess a metorite collection that I have gathered for years.
During my studies my astrohobby was somewhat put aside only to come back as astrophotography in the digital era. I bought new equipment in spring 2015. Having no previous experience with graphics software in September 2015 I decided to brace myself and start to dive into astro image processing. 
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More information at his website: http://astrozdjecia.pl
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