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"My name is Jeremy Hunt and I live in the north of England (UK) in a beautiful place called the Lake District.  As the name of the area implies, there is a lot of rain here so catching as many photons as possible is really important to me.
I have two self-built observatories in the garden, housing 4 telescopes that I use with QHY cameras.
My two workhorse cameras are the QHY23M and QHY163M.  I like the flexibility of having a CCD and a CMOS camera and the variety of sensor sizes to match different scopes.
My scopes are a Celestron C14 with hyperstar, a Takahashi E130, a Skywatcher MN190 and a TS INED70 apo.
In 2018 I published a book called The Stellar Lifecycle, a photographic journey through the birth, life and death of stars.  It's available on Amazon if you're interested and has over 100 images.  Its aim is to encourage people to have a go at astrophotography as well as give a brief introduction to stellar physics.
I hope you enjoy my images and they inspire you to take your own!"

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