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Bogdan Jarzyna's Gallery
#About the photographer

Bogdan Jarzyna is a Polish astrophotographer, who lives in the city of Cracow in Poland. Over the last 15 years, Bogdan has gained a lot of experience in astrophotography by using optics of various focal lengths and apertures and by making astro travels to distant places like Namibia. Currently his preferred setup consists of a TEC140 refractor and a QHY695A camera on a Paramount MyT mount. According to Bogdan, modern astrophotography equipment is a kind of time machine that brings us closer to the distant objects of the deep cosmos. Astrophotography is an inspiration for body and mind, for which it is worth the many efforts!
His passion is creating deep colour images of galaxies, nebulae and star clusters, as shown in his wonderful gallery:

*We've got permission from Mr. Bogdan--you can free download pictures in this gallary  for non-commercial use.
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