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Low Power Consumption
Broad Compatibility

The AstroBar1 was specially designed by QHYCCD for astronomical imaging. The computer uses an Intel CPU and genuine Windows 10 O/S. It can can run most 3rd party Windows astronomical software. It is especially suitable for beginners. We have tested the compatibility of QHYCCD cameras on this computer and are confident you will not encounter software compatibility issues. The AstroBar1 is very power efficient, important when operating from batter power. The maximum power consumption is only 4.5 watts, less power than required by a notebook computer.


Small Size

The AstroBar1 has a compact design and a plurality of screw holes on the surface of the body. It can be affixed to the telescope mount or can be used as a portable device. The AstroBar1 can also be affixed with other devices such as a guide scope.

RS232 Serial Ports

High Reliability
3-Core Aviation Sockets

The AstroBar1 has two standard RS232 serial ports via highly reliable 3-core aviation sockets. Control astronomical accessories with these serial ports such as equatorial mounts, electric focusers and even motorized lens or structure covers.

USB Interface

8 USB 2.0 Ports
Remote Friendly

The AstroBar1 computer contains 8 USB2.0 ports. You can connect a large number of astronomical devices, and even operate multiple cameras simultaneously. Moreover, 6 USB ports are programmable and can be used to control the disconnection and reconnection of USB devices. This is ideal for remote use, if a USB device hangs or crashes, it can be reconnected without rebooting the system.

Gigabit Ethernet Port

Local or Remote Operation
Keyboard Input / HDMI Monitor Output

The AstroBar1 includes a Gigabit wired Ethernet port, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for complete internet connection. Remote control is possible through software such as remote desktop. For ease of setup and use, when you are near the camera you can plug in a keyboard and display for local operation. The AstroBar1 has an HDMI output interface for easy connection to a monitor.

Remote Start / Forced Shutdown

The AstroBar1 also has an optocoupler isolated remote start/force shutdown interface. It can be connected to other remote devices such as telephone line control relays, or network-controlled GPIOs to enable system boot and forced shutdown.

12VDC Operation

The AstroBar1 contains four DC power ports, each with a threaded locking feature. One port is for input power and the other three are outlets for providing 12VDC to other devices.

Genuine Software

The AstroBar1 Standard Edition includes genuine OEM Windows 10, 32-bit Home Edition (128GB memory card is optional).

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