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EZCAP_QT(x86/64) for Windows Update History
2020 / 03 / 07
Update Data:2020-03-07
Update Record:

Added support for PFGAVersion for some cameras;
Update version to 
date type.

V0.1.51.11 x64[64bit]
V0.1.51.18 x86[32bit]
Update Data:2020-03-03
Update Record:

Added support for the camera readmode feature;
Update SDK version to 
the newest version.

V0.1.51.10 x64[64bit]
V0.1.51.17 x86[32bit]
Update Data:2020-02-25
Update Record:Update SDK version to the newest version.

V0.1.51.9   x64[64bit]
V0.1.51.16 x86[32bit]
Update Data:2020-02-04
Update Record:Update SDK version to the newest version.

V0.1.51.8   x64[64bit]
V0.1.51.15 x32[32bit]
Update Data:2019-12-20
Update Record:Update SDK version to the newest version.

V0.1.51.7   x64[64bit]
V0.1.51.13 x86[32bit]
Update Data:2019-10-16
Update Record:Update SDK version to V2019.10.16.0 WINDOWS X86_X64.

V0.1.51.6   x64[64bit]
V0.1.51.12 x86[32bit]
Update Data:2019-10-8
Update Record:Update SDK version to V2019.10.08.0 WINDOWS X86_X64.

V0.1.51.5   x64[64bit]
V0.1.51.11 x86[32bit]

Update Data:2019-03-25
Update Record:
Update SDK version to V2019.03.25.0 WINDOWS X86_X64.


Update Date:2019-03-14
Update Record:Update SDK version to V2019.02.28.0 WINDOWS X86_X64.
V0.1.51.9  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2019-01-07
Update Record:Update SDK version to V2019.01.22.0 WINDOWS X86_X64.
Update Date:2018-05-03
Update Record:Update SDK to fix the issue about wrong SDK version.
Update Date:2018-05-02
Update Record:Update SDK version to V2018.05.02.0 WINDOWS X86_X64.
Update Date:2017-12-27
Update Record:Update SDK version to V2017.12.21.0 WINDOWS X86_X64。
Update Date:2017-11-20
Update Record:
1.Fixed the overscan remove area define error in the EZCAP_QT for QHY168C,QHY247C issue;
2. Reduce about 12rows for QHY168 fullframe readout image because it is exceed the effeictive image area and the data is a fixed white value . Now it is 5040*3346, before it is 5050*3358. (The overscan remove mode resolution is not changed);
3.Increase the USB traffic limiation in the QHY247C when in USB2.0 mode. To avoid the DDR buffer get full and the image become more and more slow and then hang.
V0.1.51.1  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2017-03-07
Update Record:
1.Fixed the wrong pixel size of QHY165,QHY168,QHY247,QHY367,QHY27 and QHY28 cameras;
2.Fixed the image data of saved FIT file was incorrect for QHY16200A,QHY90A,QHY16803A,QHY695A and IC8300 cameras.
V0.1.51.0  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2017-02-24
Update Record:
1.Added QHY165,QHY168,QHY247,QHY367 can control to output the OB area,added hardware ROI supporting for QHY165,QHY168,QHY247 and QHY367;
2.Updated used 'cache first then read ' mode in the single frame mode for QHY178,updated corrected the resolution of QHY163,updated optimized the fit header information;
3.Fixed the image block issue when changed the resolution for QHY5III290 and QHY178,fixed the gain issue under long exposure mode for QHY165,QHY168,QHY247 and QHY367,fixed the upper black belt problem for QHY168,fixed can not control CFW issue in Planner capturing.
V0.1.50.0  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2017-01-19
Update Record:
1.Added QHY165,QHY247,QHY168 supporting;
2.Updated optimized for QHY367.
V0.1.49.5  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2017-01-13
Update Record:Fixed the dark frame has strange histogram issue for QHY183.
V0.1.49.4  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2017-01-13
Update Record:Fixed the dark frame has strange histogram issue for QHY163.
V0.1.49.3  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2017-01-12
Update Record:
1.Updated optimized QHY163 camera to make it work on usb2.0 port;
2.Fixed QHY5LII and miniCAM5 will be stuck in long time exposure,fixed program quit problem due to exceptions for QHY163.
V0.1.49.0  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2017-01-06
Update Record:
1.Fixed the crash issue when chose Disconnect while you were taking a sequence of images using the Planner,fixed the usbtraffic setting changing has no effect;
2.Updated new ways to control the filter wheel in software,updated optimized QHY163 to make it work more stable in different enviroment.
V0.1.48.0  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2016-12-23
Update Record:Updated optimized QHY163 to make it work more stable,updated optimized QHY5II series cameras to make it work more stable.
V0.1.47.2  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2016-12-09
Update Record:
1.Added supported QHY367;
2.Fixed sometime software will crash when use it with the A series (eg.QHY16200A) cameras,fixed the Fit Window option in the Zoom menu only takes effect once,fixed the image display confusion when you captured one frame then change the bin mode and view the previous frame while the next frame is capturing,fixed the default values of stretch B & W were not correct.
V0.1.47.0  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2016-12-02
Update Record:Fixed the exposure reset to 1s from the second frame when capture with a long exposure time for QHY163,fixed the custom menu of right mouse button display in wrong position in V0.1.46.0,fixed: The image display dislocation when the width can not be divisible by 4.
V0.1.46.0  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2016-11-18
Update Record:Updated reduced the hot noise of QHY163,updated improved transmission stability of QHY163 camera,fixed the top half black and bottom half white issue of IC8300.
V0.1.45.0  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2016-11-04
Update Record:

1.Added QHY16803 supporting;
2.Updated MiniCam5 control temperature independent,Updated optimized the stretch algorithm;
3.Fixed software will crash when trigger the Disconnect option after camera connected,fixed capture DarkFrame can not wok when disconnected and re-connect camera again.
V0.1.44.0  x86[32bit]
Update Date:2016-10-18
Update Record:Fixed the obvious delay issue when connected or captured frame.

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