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FSI / Back-Illuminated

4e-Count Photons
Scientific CMOS Camera

The QHY6060 uses a GSENSE6060 scientific CMOS image sensor The QHY6060 read noise as low as 4e- 37.7 Megapixel, 61mm square (89mm diagonal),

High QE

75% / 95% QE
TE Cooling

The GSENSE6060 will be available in both a back-illuminated version and a front-illuminated version. The QHY6060 has dual stage TE cooling that reduces the sensor temperature to -40C below ambient

12-bit / 14 bit

90dB dynamic range

The camera has a90dB dynamic range. Featured with the COMS technique of five transistor (5T) HDR pixel design on a 10µm pitch, The GSENSE6060 can further decrease dark noise and increase dynamic range

Electric Rolling Shutter

In general, the fan-blade mechanical shutter will be broken if it is used 200,000 times or so. in some specific cases it is easy to fail to switch on or off. The advantage of electronic shutter is high reliability and stability when the observatory shoots a large number of pictures.


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