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The QHY45GX is large area liquid cooled CCD cameras intended for professional observatory use, or installations on large, long focal length optical systems. The QHY45GX imaging sensor is 50mm x 50mm (70mm diagonal) with 2k x 2k pixels at 24um. The camera has round bodies and are water cooled to avoid fan vibration and to prevent air turbulence in the optical path. Both cameras have a GigaE interface with 100 meter data transfer capability and industry level high data transfer stability.

The QHY45GX uses the On Semiconductor (Kodak) KAF−4320 Image Sensor, a high performance monochrome area CCD designed for a wide range of image sensing applications. The sensor incorporates true two-phase CCD technology, simplifying the support circuits required to drive the sensor as well as reducing dark current without compromising charge capacity. The sensor also utilizes the TRUESENSE Transparent Gate Electrode to improve sensitivity compared to the use of a standard front side illuminated polysilicon electrode. The full imaging array is read out of four outputs, each of which is driven by a low impedance two stage source follower that provides a high conversion gain. This combination enables low noise at a net readout rate of 12 MHz (3 MHz per output).

LAMOST, the largest optical observatory in China currently uses four QHY45GX cameras
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