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Observatory Level
Wide Field Imaging

The QHY50GX is a cooled CCD camera with a 50 megapixel medium format 48x36mm CCD image sensor. It is mainly used by large astronomical telescopes. It has the characteristics of large effective photosensitive area, high resolution and fast image downloading speed. The pixel size is 6.0um and it has a four channel readout using four independent 16-bit high precision 8MHz A/D converters. The noise floor of the AD converter is 3-4 ADU. The QHY50GX has a round design and is ideal for large field of view primary focus imaging.


Large Field of View Primary Focus Imaging
Water Cooled

The QHY50GX has a round design and is ideal for wide field of view primary focus imaging. The water-cooling heat-dissipation method is adopted to avoid heated air dissipation and convection currents around the camera that could affect the telescope's primary focus near the entrance pupil. The water cooling system also avoids any vibration that might be generated by a cooling fan.

Medium Format

48mm x 36mm
CCD Image Sensor

The KAF-50100 Image Sensor is a high performance, 50-megapixel CCD with 8208 x 6164 pixels at 6um. The sensor features ultra-high resolution, broad dynamic range, and a four-output architecture. A lateral overflow drain suppresses image blooming, while an integrated Pulse Flush Gate clears residual charge on the sensor with a single electrical pulse. The sensor also utilizes the TRUESENSE Transparent Gate Electrode to improve sensitivity compared to the use of a standard front side illuminated polysilicon electrode.

High Speed

Optical Fiber Transmission

The QHY50GX uses a high-stability GigaE Gigabit Network interface to the computer. The transmission distance can reach 100 meters. Long-distance, anti-electromagnetic interference fiber transmission can also be achieved through Gigabit-fiber optic repeaters.


Large Field of View
Low Cost

The QHY50GX offers a large effective photosensitive area (49.1mm x 36.8mm), high resolution (50 Megapixels at 6um), and fast image downloading speed using GigaE Gigabit Network. With a round design and water cooling, it is ideal for large field of view primary focus imaging.

Electromagnetic Mechanical Shutter

The QHY50GX adopts a third-party electromagnetic mechanical shutter with a clear aperture of 65mm. It has high shutter reliability, long service life and easy replacement.

Anti-Dew Features

The QHY50GX has a double-sealed glass design and a sealed CCD cavity design with large capacity built-in desiccant drying agent.

Antiblooming Feature

The KAF-50100 CCD has antiblooming protection 800 times the saturation signal.

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