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The QHYCFW2-S/M are second-generation color filter wheels. We improved both the mechanical and electrical design over the previous version. The new QHYCFW2-S/M has the following advantages:
• Gear driven disk. Stable and solid.
• Specially designed filter carousel to allow 0.7mm to 7mm thick unmounted filters.
• Motor moved to a corner to increase the work area.
• Increased the precision of filter positioning.
• Supports USB port and powered by USB when connected with computer.
• Supports the 4-pin QHY CFW socket
• Supports the 2-pin socket with QHY9 (requires external power supply).
• Open Source Firmware, Arduino compatible.
The QHYCFW2-S (small) holds five 36mm unmounted filters or six 1.25-inch mounted filters in threaded cells. The filter wheel is only 15.5mm thick and weighs only 365g.
The QHYCFW2-M (medium size) filter wheel holds five standard 2-inch filters in threaded cells or five round 50mm unmounted filters. An optional carousel allows the use of seven 36mm unmounted filters. The QHYCFW2-M comes in two versions: QHYCFW2-M-UltraSlim and QHYCFW2-M-Standard. The Ultra-Slim is 17mm thick and weighs 675g. The Standard version is 21.5mm thick and weighs 705g.
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