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Stable and Reliable
Low Temperature Operation

The gear drive used for the QHYCFW2 is stable and reliable and it avoids any problem of cold rubber losing its friction in severe cold weather. Improvements over the previous model include changing the motor position to increase the working space between the CFW and the telescope.


Unique Design
Multiple Connection Methods

The specially designed filter carousel allows the installation of unmounted filters of different thicknesses. Filters of different thicknesses can also be installed on the same carousel at the same time. The filter wheel can be controlled by USB and is powered by USB when directly connected to the 4-pin port on QHYCCD cameras. It is also compatible with the 2-pin connectors of other cameras.

Short Backfocus

Thin Filter Wheel

The QHYCFW2 is overall a thin design. The medium ultra-thin version takes only 17mm. Nevertheless, the thickness of the upper and lower covers of the outer casing has been increased so that the color wheel is quite rigid and not likely to be deformed.


Open Source Firmware
Accepts OAG

The filter wheel firmware is open source and compatible with Arduino. It is also compatible with the QHYOAG (off-axis guider).


Three Sizes
Easy to Connect

The QHYCFW2 is available in three sizes, large, medium and small, to meet the needs of different models of astronomical cameras and astronomical telescopes.


QHYCFW2-S Small size filter wheel. Supports five 36mm unmounted filters. The filter wheel thickness is only 15.5mm. It also can support a replacement carousel for six 1.25-inch mounted filters (requires customization). The weight is 465 grams.


Medium size filter wheel. Supports a carousel holding five 2-inch mounted filters or 50mm unmounted filters. Also supports a carousel holding seven 36mm unmounted filters. The QHYCFW2-M is available in two versions: Standard and Super Slim. The thicknesses are 21.5mm and 17mm, respectively. The weights are 705 grams and 675 grams, respectively.


The QHYCFW2-L has been replaced by the third generation QHYCFW3. Please refer to the QHYCFW3 page for details.

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