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NEW! miniCAM6F Cooled CMOS Camera with Built-in 20-Position Filter Wheel
The miniCAM6F is a highly sensitive, cooled, CMOS camera with a built-in twenty position filter wheel for multi-spectrum imaging with a 6 megapixel back-illuminated sensor and USB 3.0 interface. The two-stage TE cooling reaches to -50C below ambient. The filter wheel supports both 12mm and 12.5mm mini-filters(12.5mm is a standard size for many scientific filters). This camera has a very short 17.5mm backfocus distance and can be used with a C-mount lens.

miniCAM5F and miniCAM6F models have full anti-moisture features, including a built-in heater board to prevent moisture from forming on the CMOS chamber window as well as the option to insert desiccant into the CMOS chamber when necessary.

Copernicus Colors Captured by Alain

Saturn captured by Terry Lovejoy
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