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Cooled miniCAM with CFW

Includes LRGB Filters

The miniCAM5F is a revolutionary product launched by QHYCCD. The 1/3-inch CMOS sensor used in this camera has 1.2 Megapixels (1280 x 960) at 3.75um. This sensor has nearly 75% QE and read noise as low as 2e-. The 2-stage cooling and temperature control system reduce the sensor temperature -38 degrees C below ambient, reducing thermal noise and producing a clean background making the camera suitable for both planetary and deep space imaging.

Full System

Only US$799!

Filters can be a high expense item in astronomical imaging. You need to invest in both a filter wheel and the LRGB and Narrowband filters for a complete system. However, the revolutionary miniCAM5F cost you US$699 for the TE cooled camera, 9-position built-in filter wheel and LRGB filters! Moreover, the small size Ha, OIII, SII, Hb and methane filters used by this system make the narrowband set very affordable, only $50 per filter.

High Performance

Low Cost

No other professional level cooled camera and 9-position filter wheel is available at such a low price. Thanks to the 12mm filter size pioneered by QHYCCD, the price of the filters is greatly reduced. The 9-position design is economical and sufficient for not only LRGB imaging but also for Ha, SII, OIII, Methane and UV images. A black filter is also available for taking dark frames.



The 9-hole built-in filter wheel makes the miniCAM5F capable of multi-spectral camera shooting, enabling more spectral dimension photography, not only for astronomical shooting, but also for geological mineral exploration, jewelry identification, criminal investigation, and agriculture and forestry. Multi-spectral imaging analysis, environmental testing and many other uses.

High QE 75%

2e- Read Noise
1.2 Megapixels

The 1.2 Megapixel, 1/3-inch CMOS chip used in this camera has a 1280 x 960 array at 3.75um. Its high 75% QE is complimented by its low 2e- read noise making it suitable for planets as well as deep space.

2-Stage Cooling

The dual stage TE cooling is the same system we use on our most expensive cameras. This reduces the temperature of the sensor -38 degrees C below ambient resulting in lower noise in the image, even in long exposures taken on warm summer nights.


Not only can the camera be loaded with LRGB filter, but also with Ha, SII and OIII for narrowband imaging and Methane and UV filters for Venus' atmosphere as well as Jupiter, Saturn, and others.

MAR Coatings

The monochrome camera has multi-coated, broadband anti-reflection coatings on the chamber window to reduce reflections.

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