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High Resolution

16 Megapixels
29 Megapixels

The QHY27, QHY28 and QHY29 cameras use the latest Truesense CCD sensors KAI-16050, KAI-16070 and KAI-29050 respectively. The 16MP QHY27 CCD is APS format and the 16MP QHY28 and 29MP QHY29 cameras are both full size 35mm format, 36mm x 24mm. Now you can get a high resolution 16MP or 24MP sensor in a compact design with high cooling that accepts 2-inch filters, making the entire system smaller, lighter and far less expensive than camera systems using the 16MP KAF-16803 sensor.

System Ready

USB and Serial Ports
External Trigger In/Out

All three models have a built-in USB 2.0 HUB and dual USB to RS232 converter. External triggers in and out are provided at the back of the camera. A guiding camera, mount and electric focuser can all connect directly to the camera instead of separate connections to the computer. Only one USB cable is required to control the whole system for capturing an image. The power socket has a threaded locking collar and the 3-pin aviation socket RS232 port make the system stable and solid. A 4-pin color wheel port supports QHY color filter wheels.

2-Stage Cooling

Full Cooling to -45C
Full Anti-Dew

The QHY27/28/29 cameras use the QHYCCD 2-stage TE cooling design technology for cooling to -45 degrees C below ambient, reducing the dark current significantly and making thermal noise a non-issue in long exposures, typically 0.005e-/pixel/sec @-15C. Full anti-dew measures include sealed chamber, desiccant tube connector and heated chamber window.


Interline Transfer CCDs
Prime Focus Systems

The QHY27/28/29 cameras all have interline transfer CCDs with an electronic shutter, antiblooming protection and a cylindrical body shape giving them a small footprint when placed in front of the optics of a reflecting telescope. This is ideal for systems like the F/2 Hyperstar and Schmidt Cameras like the RASA telescopes and other main focus systems. The APS size QHY27 is also ideal for SCT's that may not be able to illuminate a full 35mm frame without vignetting.

Big Bang for your Buck

APS and 35mm Format
2" Filter Compatibility

Previously, high quality Trusense 16MP and larger CCDs were too large to use with commonly available 2-inch filters and required more expensive 50mm square filters and larger, more expensive filter wheels. Now, however, you can image with a full frame 16MP or 29MP CCD and use standard size 2-inch filters and a smaller filter wheel, all of which saves thousands of dollars in system cost, not to mention the lower cost of the camera itself.

16-bit A/D

All three models have 16-bit A/D for greatest resolution of the full dynamic range of the sensors

Full Cooling with Anti-Dew and ABG

Dual-stage cooling to -45C from ambient with full anti-dew protection and antiblooming to prevent streaking of bright stars during long exposures.

System Ready

Control your system through the camera with two USB2.0 ports, two RS2323 ports and external trigger ports in and out.

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