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-45C Delta T
Anti-Dew Technology

The IMG2PRO model uses the well known SONY EXVIEW ICX285 monochrome CCD with 1392 x 1040 pixels at 6.45um. Compared to other brands of cameras using the same sensor and single stage cooling, the QHY IMG2PRO offers greater cooling and better moisture control technology. This model includes our drying port design for direct connection of a desiccant tube for removing any residual moisture from the chamber, ensuring dry operation for a long time.


Cable Clips
Frosted Outer Casing

Cable clips are used to make the cable connections more secure. The outer shell of the camera body has a matte black finish to avoid reflections when used in front of the telescope optics.

Value for Money

Guide Star Compatible

The IMG2PRO retails for only $1199 and is a cost-effective 1.44 Megapixel monochrome CCD camera with a proven CCD sensor in the field of astrophotography. The high quality SONY CCD with excellent sensitivity and low noise also makes this a very high performance guide camera for any large system.


High Quantum Efficiency
Low Thermal Noise

High quantum efficiency of approximately 60% and excellent cooling that reduces the thermal noise to low levels combine to produce clean, clear images even in long duration exposures.

16-bit A/D

Low Read Noise
Standard Guider Port

The IMG2PRO has a 16-bit A/D with low read noise of 4e- typical. The guide port on the rear of the camera body is the standard RJ11 6-pin port used by a majority of telescopes.

Monochrome Cooled Camera

IMG2PRO is a TE cooled monochrome astronomical camera with ICX285 CCD sensor.

Software Compatible

The IMG2PRO is compatible with QHY development and imaging software as well as most commercial astronomical imaging software packages.

Classic Astronomical Chip

The SONY EXVIEW ICX285 is a proven sensor, used by many astronomical camera manufacturers since its release and can be considered a classic sensor for astronomical imaging.

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