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High Performance

8.3 Megapixels
Classic CCD Camera

The QHY9 is a classic cooled monochrome CCD camera using the very popular KAF-8300 CCD chip. The CCD's sensitivity is moderately high, with a peak quantum efficiency of 56%. However, the shape of the CCD's response curve is very beneficial for astronomy, maintaining almost 50% QE at 656nm, the important emission line of H-alpha. This makes the sensor an ideal match for deep space imaging and narrow band imaging.


Better Cooling
Lower Dark Current

For CCDs, the importance of cooling is well known. Better cooling results in lower dark current noise. The QHY9 has a 2-stage TE cooler capable of cooling the sensor up to -50 degrees C below ambient temperature. Many similar cameras from other manufacturers only cool -25C to -30C below ambient. The QHY9 will out perform these other cameras by producing less dark current noise even on the warmest of nights.

16-bit A/D

Low Read Noise
Small Form Factor

The QHY9 with 16-bit A/D has very low readout noise and the round form factor of the camera body make this an ideal CCD camera not only for use with the Hyperstar system but for any small scope with high quality optics.

Product Evolution


From May, 2014, QHYCCD begin to provide an improved version of the QHY9. The improved version of the QHY9 includes support for fixed line clamps, direct connection to the sealed CCD chamber for the drying tube, improved board thickness and other modifications that improve the camera's reliability, ease of maintenance and ease of use.

CFW Package

Save with Bundle

The QHY9 is available bundled with the second generation QHYCFW2-S filter wheel at a savings in cost compared to the products sold separately. The QHYCFW2-S holds five 36mm unmounted round filters.

2-Stage TE Cooling

The QHY9 has a deep cooling design using a 2-stage TE cooler. Typically the camera can achieve up to -50 degrees C below ambient, an important feature of the cameras compared to other brands.

Anti-Blooming protection

The QHY9 sensor incorporates anti-blooming protection up to 1000X saturation to prevent unwanted streaks from bright stars corrupting long exposure images.

Color Version Available

The QHY9-C is available on request. This model uses the color version of the KAF-8300 CCD for single-shot-color imaging.

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