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14.2 Megapixels
Low Thermal Noise

QHYCCD's excellent cooling design and SONY's SuperHAD low dark current technology combine to make the QHY12 an exceptionally clean and low noise camera for long exposure times.


45ke- Full Well Capacity
Low Thermal Noise

The large full well capacity increases the dynamic range, resulting in more vivid colors and tighter star points (star points are less saturated). You can take longer exposures without the target reaching saturation.


Cost Effective
Progressive Scanning

If shooting still images, there is no discernible performance difference between the QHY8L-C and QHY8PRO-C. Sensitivity and color are essentially the same. However, if you are shooting a fast moving object, or if the object changes significantly during the exposure process, it is recommended to use QHY8PRO as its progressive scan will render such objects more uniformly than the QHY8L-C.


Lower Price
Optimized Dual Chanel Readout

The QHY8L-C ultra-small size and round body is ideal for HYPERSTAR applications. The two chanel readout is optimized to ensure that the exposure times are consistent.

Common Features

APS Color CCDs
-40C Cooling

APS Format, 2-Stage TE Cooling to -40C Below Ambient, color sensors that exhibit very low dark current noise, excellent cooling and are ideal for clean long exposure imaging.

Matte Finish

The outer camera body finish is matte black to avoid reflection when used in Hyperstar configurations.

Standard RJ11 Guiding Port

The cameras are all equipped a standard RJ11 guiding port compatible with a majority of mounts.

Line Clamp and Drying Tube

The line clamp helps maintain cables and the drying tube is used to purge the CCD chamber of moisture that might develop over long term use of the camera.

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