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Ascom Update History

QHYCCD Ascom Update History

1.Add the SDK version display
2.Package the 2st Camera support into one installations setup pakckage.
3.Solved the two QHY163M connected with two QHYCFW2 issue.
update record:1.Fixed previous version issue that QHY183 has problem in EZCAP_QT. 2.Force the QHY183C usb traffic to zero when in singleframe mode to minumum the ampglow during readout. 3.Add the support for IMG2PRO. 4. Adjust the usb packet size for QHY21,22,23 and reduce the USB pause dot when CPU busying.
An known bug in this version: 1. QHY247C under USB2.0, when in SharpCAP will be hang. The reason is the USB traffic is too small. We will increase this in next version. This issue does not effect the USB3.0 in SharpCAP, also does not effect the single frame mode like ASCOM / EZCAP_QT. 2. In QHY163 there is some blank lines appear in the full image and in the image with overscan remove mode. We will fix this problem in next version.
update record:1.Fixed the overscan remove area define error in the EZCAP_QT for QHY168C,QHY247C issue  2. Reduce about 12rows for QHY168 fullframe readout image because it is exceed the effeictive image area and the data is a fixed white value . Now it is 5040*3346, before it is 5050*3358. (The overscan remove mode resolution is not changed) 3.Increase the USB traffic limiation in the QHY247C when in USB2.0 mode. To avoid the DDR buffer get full and the image become more and more slow and then hang.
2017-11-25 fixed funcition below:
The cancelexposure and cancelexposureandreadout functions of qhy5iii178, 224, 185, 174 are modified.Avoid the program crash caused by the execution of this sentence.
V2017.12.21.0 WINDOWS X86_X64:
update record:1. Fixed the bug that cause the QHY5L-II in live video mode image slightly shifit when in high frame rate(usb bandwidth value is small, eg. >20FPS. This bug affect the driver version from 2017.08.14 to 2017.11.09   2. Improved the QHY5L-II stability and avoid the hang happen (this bug effect the driver from 2017.05.29 to 2017.11.09  3. Improved the gain setting range for QHY5L-II-M and QHY5L-II-C. (expanding the actual gain range but reduce the gain steps)  4.Fxied the QHY247C,QHY168C,QHY367C,QHY128C etc the overscan area definitation in EZCAP_QT and the effective image definitation in EZCAP_QT. 5. Fixed the bug that QHY5III series does not suppot CancelExopsing and CancelExposuringAndReadout. 6. Add QHY42 support   7.Add QHY183M support.