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Full HD Back-illuminated, Ultra-low Read Noise CMOS Camera
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The QHY5III290 uses the SONY STARVIS Exmor R back-illuminated CMOS sensor.  Starvis means you can see very dim stars in real time video. The QHY5III290 can capture magnitude 9 stars with a 50mm F/1.4 C-mount lens.  Compared to the IMX236 sensor, for example, the IMX290 has twice sensitivity for visible light and three or more times the sensitivity in near infrared.   

The QHY5III290 also has ultra low read noise.  The back-illumination and low read noise make this camera an ideal video astronomy camera.  The small 2.9um pixel size is also ideal for planetary imaging.

The QHY5III290 has a fast USB 3.0 interface and produces 135FPS at full HD output . The camera has 10/12-bit ADC and it outputs an 8-bit or 12-bit image.

QHY5III290 is available in both mono (QHY5III290M) and color (QHY5III290C) versions.

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QHY5III290 Specification
CMOS Sensor
Sony IMX290 Exmor R back-illuminated CMOS sensor (Color/Mono)
Imager Size
Typical 1/2.8inch
Effective Pixels
1920 x 1080  2 Megapixels full HD
Effective Area
5.6mm x 3.1mm   (16:9)
Pixel Size
2.9um x 2.9um
Readout Type
Progressive Scan
Peak QE

Electronic Shutter
Max Frame Rate (8bit)
135FPS@1920x1080   220FPS@960x540     460FPS@480x270
ADC Sample Depth
10/12-bit,  Output  8-bit/12-bit 
Exposure Time
5us - 600sec
Pixel Binning
1x1, 2x2
Yes, onchip microlens array
Readout Noise
3.2e - 0.75e
Guide Port
Yes, 5PIN Lemo aviation socket
Back Focal
Approx. 11mm
Camera Size
1.25-inch Eyepiece Size (D=31.6mm)
Optic Window
AR+IR cut 680nm (Color)    AR+AR clear glass (Mono)
Support Software
,ASCOM,SharpCAP,FireCapture,Native WDM
Items included in standard package
QHY5III290 camera. Confocal ring. 1.5meter USB3.0 cable. 1.5meter 5pin lemo to RJ11 guide cable. (does not include the 50mm F/1.4 lens)
Reference Price
USD399 (Color) (prices do not include tax and shipping)
USD429 (Mono)
Windows Driver and Software Download
Camera Driver
Update Check
SharpCap Patch

Ascom guide, Ascom Capture, and Ascom 2st are all packaged into one driver called AScome3InOne, which means after you finished installing this driver, Ascom guide, Ascom Capture, and Ascom 2st would be installed on your computer.
ASCOM Platform
NativeWDM Driver
BroadCast Driver
Mac Driver and Software Download
Driver and Software Cloud Drive Download

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Readout Noise of QHY5III290 Camera
Relativity QE Curve of the Monochrom IMX290 sensor
Jupiter image captured by renowned planetary observer Christopher Go with affordable QHYCCD camera.

“Special Thanks to QHYCCD for their help on technical and software settings. Excellent after sales service of the QHYCCD dealer Cyclops Optics  and very knowledgeable!  The QHY5-III-290M camera is so low noise and more sensitive that I could reduce my capture time. I can finish my session in 15 minutes with superior images vs 45 minutes before! ”     — Chris Go.