What is a QHY “InterCam” Series Camera?

The QHY “InterCam” Series cameras are the world’s first open-source, stand-alone, cooled, deep-sky astronomy cameras and the world’s first cameras with full Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi/Ethernet. The “IC” in the model number indicates “InterCam” (e.g. IC8300, IC16803).

What can a QHY InterCam Camera Do?

The QHY InterCam Camera can help you perform a lot of creative work!

First, it can be used without a computer.  The InterCam has a built-in ARM processor running Ubuntu Linux. It has a port to allow stand-alone Internet connectivity (see table on next page) along with other exciting QHYCCD-patented technologies.  In addition, the InterCam cameras have a VGA/HDMI output, to allow you to attach a monitor directly to the camera.  You can use a wireless keyboard to control it.  Unlike a DSLR’s small LCD, you can use a large LCD screen and professional astronomy capture software.  Aside from a 12V power cable, no other cables to the camera are needed since you can save your images right in the camera.

Second, if you want to use an external computer for control, you can connect to the camera via Wi-Fi. Once again, no extra cables are needed.  You can stay indoors and control the camera wirelessly from up to 20 meters away.  For worldwide remote control of the camera, just add a wireless router.

Third, if you want to use an iPad or mobile phone to control the camera, it’s still not a problem, since there’s a www-based capture application for it.

But these are not all of the InterCam’s advantages.  In the Internet age, this camera can do a lot more to excite your imagination!  Just for example, here are but a few things you can do with an InterCam camera:

  • Post images automatically to Facebook
  • Send images to a plate-solving website
  • Mark DSOs on the screen and retrieve the RA and DEC instantly
  • Search for new asteroids, comets and supernovae while capturing a deep-sky image
  • Capture and identity meteors and then automatically upload images to your blog or website

How can this camera be ordered?

Currently, this camera is not sold to the general public.  We will only sell it to Linux developers interested in developing application software for it. If you are a Linux programmer and wish to begin developing software applications for this camera, please contact us directly. If your application operates well and is selected to become one of our standard Apps offered for the QHY InterCam series, we will refund between 20% and 100% of your purchase price, depending on the application created (by vote, etc.).

Is this camera open source?

Yes. The camera series is fully open source in software. QHYCCD will publish the API and the source code for it. QHYCCD is inviting you to create your own open source projects.

Which sensors are used?

We selected several high-performance sensors. The first camera model is our IC8300 which uses the popular 8.3 Megapixel KAF-8300 CCD.  Our second model is the IC694 that is based on the professional 16 Megapixel KAF-16803.  Recently we released a model using the KAF-16200.
Is there a discount for students?

To encourage research and innovation from young developers, QHYCCD will give a discount to students planning to do scientific research or application software development with an InterCam camera.

Can this camera be controlled by a mobile phone?

We are developing mobile App software for the InterCam series camera.

The InterCam Series Cameras are QHYLab production. They can be ordered directly from QHYLab.

Email contact to request information or to place and order:  intercam@qhyccd.com
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What is a QHY “A” Series Camera?

The QHY "A” Series camera is a fully integrated design first released in 2015.  The "A" stands for "All-In-One."  Each design includes a built-in motor-driven filter wheel and natively supports our own Off-axis Guider, the QHYOAG.  The OAG can be solidly installed on the camera with six screws, requiring only a small amount of back focus (precious for some optical systems).

In addition to the filter wheel and OAG, the “A” Series cameras have much more to offer. An internal USB HUB (2.0) provides two USB host ports and a USB-to-dual-RS232 converter. This allows the autoguider, telescope mount and electronic focuser to be connected directly to the camera instead of routing cables from all of these devices to the computer.  This reduces cable clutter and the chance of signal loss due to excessive cable length.  Only one USB cable is needed to control them all!

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