6 Megapixel, 1-inch, High QE CCD camera
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The QHY695A/IC695A uses the high QE, SONY ICX695 ExView II CCD.  This sensor has peak QE close to 80%.  The read noise is as low as 4 electrons.  With the two-stage TEC, sensor temperatures of -45C below ambient, and the extremely low thermal noise of this CCD, this camera produces an exceptionally clean image.  The camera has a built-in filter wheel with either a 7-position, 36mm unmounted filter carousel, or an 8-position, 1.25-inch carousel.  You can load a full complement of LRGB Ha OIII SII filters into either carousel at one time, making LRGB and Narrowband imaging much easier than using a 5-position wheel that requires you to change filter sets depending on the type of imaging you intend to do.  Although the sensor has electronic shutter, this camera also has a mechanical shutter.  This makes it possible to automatically take dark frames, unattended.

ICX695, 1-inch CCD
The Sony ExView II sensor is well known as its low read noise, low thermal noise and high QE. The pixel size is 4.54um with a total of 6 Megapixels.

QHY695A/IC695A Specification
CCD Sensor
Sony ICX695 Mono
Effective Pixels
2758(H) x 2208(V),6mega pixels
Pixel Size
4.54um x 4.54um
Effective Area
14.6mm(H) x 12.8mm(V), Typical 1 inch
Readout Type
Full Frame CCD, Progressive Scan
15 - 20ke-
Readout Noise
4 to 5e- Typical
System Gain
Appox 0.3e-/ADU
1x1, 2x2, 4x4
Exposure Time
1ms - 10000 sec
-40C Below Ambient, Typical
Even-illumination butterfly mechanical shutter for automatic dark frames.  Plus electronic shutter for fast exposure times
Moisture Control
Air Connector for removable silicon gel tube
Heat board for optic window of airproof CCD chamber
Built-in Filter Wheel
7-position unmounted 36mm filters, or 8 position 1.25-inch mounted filters
Peak QE
OAG interface
Six M3 scew holes for QHYOAG-S
Telescope Interface
M42/0.75 inner screw
Power consumption
0% cooling 8W     50% cooling 16.5W    100% cooling 27W
Back focus
33mm (for standard thickness front part)
Allowed filters
36mm unmounted filters: 1-6mm thick
1.25-inch filters in cells:  Maxium filter cell thickness  8mm (not including filter cell threads)
QHY695A Electric Interface
USB Slave Port x1    USB host port x2    RS232 Lemo 3pin port x2   2.1mm 12V DC port x2
Price(not include tax)
QHY695A with OAG   QHY814A with OAG
USD2899  (in stock at any time)
USD3499  (Produced on request with pre-order)

"A" Series Camera - Fully Integrated
Both the QHY695A and IC695A belong to new QHYCCD "A" series camera family. "A" stands for "ALL-IN-ONE".   It includes a built-in motor driven filter wheel and it natively supports the medium size QHYOAG. The OAG can be installed on the camera solidly with six screws consuming a minimum of back focus, precious for some optical systems.  The filter wheel in QHY695A/IC695A has 7-positions for unmounted filters.  In addition to the filter wheel and OAG, the "A" series camera also offers an internal USB HUB(2.0) providing two USB host ports and a USB to dual RS232 converter.  A guiding camera, mount and electric focuser can be connected directly to this camera instead of the computer to reduce cable clutter and the chance of signal loss due to the long cables.  A single USB cable controls all of the peripherals. 

Butterfly Shutter - long life and uniform illumination
This camera uses a mechanical shutter that has a butterfly shape. The shutter is directly driven by a motor with no other moving parts.  The working life is almost unlimited. The shutter has two sides that block light and open spaces in between.  The fan shape of the blades creates even-illumination when opening, and even-darkness when closing for dark frames.  This feature is of great benefit when taking flat frames or making photometric measurements. 

Single 12V power socket
This camera uses a single 12V IN power port.  The power socket is threaded for a solid connection that will not accidentally disconnect.  There is another socket connected in parallel with the input that can be used to supply 12V OUT to other devices.

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Built-in filter wheel
QHY695A has built-in filter wheel with either a 7-position, 36mm unmounted filter carousel or an 8-position, 1.25-inch mounted filter carousel.

Driver and Software Download
QHY695A Driver
QHY814A Driver
ASCOM Capture
ASCOM Platform
ASCOM Filters Plug
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QHY695A Reference Dark/BIAS Frames

Bias Frame  0SEC
Dark Frame 60SEC 120SEC 300SEC 600SEC 900SEC
CUSTOM Aadpters for QHY695A
QHYCCD recommends our partner, PreciseParts for ordering custom-made adapters for QHY695A and other cameras.