In order to provide the best customer service, we now use a help ticket system to process orders and answer technical questions, arrange repairs, etc.  Click the link below to submit a new ticket:

New Ticket System

PLEASE NOTE:  We implemented a new ticket system in January of 2017.  Our old ticket system stopped service on 2017.1.20.  If you have a ticket that remains un-processed that was submitted using the old system, please use our new ticket system to send the request again.  Due to a different database format, the old tickets cannot be transferred to the new ticket system. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this ticket system upgrade.

Order: We accept direct orders from non-dealers, beta testers, and for miscellaneous production items that are not available through your local dealer.  Select General Inquiry.  

Issue diagnosis: If you encounter a technical problem or a camera malfunctions during operation, please select Report an Issue

Product Questions:  If you have any question before you order camera, please ask us here:  General Inquiry.

Repair department:  If your camera has been sent back for repair, the help ticket will go to the repair department and you can discuss directly with this department for better service.  We may need more information to properly diagnose some problem and may ask for more details to help resolve the issue.

New Ticket System

We process tickets on weekdays.  Please allow additional time if you submit a ticket during a weekend or our normal holidays.
PLEASE NOTE: The ticket system does not support direct email replies.  When you get an email from this ticket system it will provide a link that you must follow to reply.  Please click the link and reply on-line.  If you attempt to simple "Reply" to the e-mail, your response will be lost. 

After the whole ticket is resolved, please close the ticket.

Product repair application form
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