QHY294c or PROC LATEST windows driver ...

QHY294c or PROC LATEST windows driver ...
« on: April 25, 2021, 07:04:06 AM »
Which one is the latest QHY294PROC 'windows' driver?

I have and now I have installed latest QHYCCD.dll - the one that features 47Mb RGB24 colour, it is NOT detected any more by Sharpcap!

Detected by Windows thou [].

I am 'just asking' as it might just be THAT the problem.

What a nightmare ...

If there is not one problem, then there is another one coming out!


1. using SharpCap 3.2.6482 [64bit] stable - no detection - yes I have put latest QHYCCD.dll within its ROOT
2. using SharpCap 4 beta [32bit] - it is detected + RGB24 at 47Mp works [4fps], but beta has its problems ...
3. using SharpCap 3.2.6482 [32bit] works fine RGB24 too - I remember Robin stating - if you get problems with 64bit, stick with 32bit = true!


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Re: QHY294c or PROC LATEST windows driver ...
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    No,not because of driver,it is because of SDK.Did you use the SDK I send to you before?That SDK is 32bits,it can only be used with 32bits software.
    Here is the 64 bits SDK,you can try it with SharpCap 64bits.
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