QHY163M/183M/247C/294M - EFW and Canon lens usage questions - please help!


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I have a QHY163M and a QHY247C. I am thinking of getting either the 183M or the 294M for the small pixel size.   I am using a t-adapter system currently with a ZWO mini-EFW that can take my 1.25" filters (NB) with my telescopes. It works well enough.

I'm wondering about connecting a Canon lens to all these cameras along with a EFW. Currently I use a ZWO mini-EFW but I'd like to get a 7+ position EFW that can hold 1.25" filters that can do the job. Previously I thought the QHYCFW3-M-US accepted 8 x 1.25" filters but Robin at Cyclops Optics tells me this has been discontinued? Is this the case? How can one us 1.25" filters with QHY products then? I have Astrodon 1.25" filters I like a lot.

Given all that what should do I? I'm leaning towards getting the 294M and then perhaps get another ZWO mini-EFW and have two mini-EFWs, one for LRGB and the other for SHO and then figure out some way to connect the Canon lens to t-adapter?

Any advice? How can I solve the 1.25" filter problem if the QHYCFW3-M-US no longer takes 1.25" filters? How can I solve the Canon connection problem (that is with the Cyclops Optics adapter but maybe I should use the QHY adapter for Canon and this backfocus thing won't be an issue).

OTAs: C925 EdgeHD; Meade ETX80; Coronado SolarMax II; Stellarvue 70T; Obsession UC18; Takahashi FS128, FC100DF.
Mounts: AVX; LXD75; Paramount MyT.
Cameras: ZWO ASI120MC-S; Lodestar X2c; X2m; Canon T7i; QHY163M.



According to the information from sales department and market department, there is 7hole 1.25 filterwheel, but indeed the 8hole 1.25 filterwheel  discontinued.

Best Regards!