Fog on QHY268M Chip Chamber Window

Fog on QHY268M Chip Chamber Window
« on: March 26, 2021, 01:48:40 PM »

I just received a QHY268M camera four days ago.   I think you have a real winner with this camera.   

However, I am having problems with mine.   I am getting some condensation in the form of window fogging or frosting.  I can't tell what it is.  The fogging appears to be on the inside surface of the chip chamber window.   It shows up as a ring of fog in the image and when I look at the window it shows up as a oval of what looks to be condensation near the center of the window.  I felt the chip window and it was very cold.  Is it not supposed to be warmed a bit?  My humidity sensor inside of the chamber is at 47%.  Is this normal?

My ambient temperature was 25C.  Humidity was 87%.  The chip was cooled to -10C.   It was maxed out with power at 97% but held well.

I have attached an image taken with the oval artifact.

This morning I placed some molecular desiccant in the desiccant tube and attached it.  Maybe this will clear up the issue.  Even if it does, I am concerned with the integrity of the chamber as this is a factory sealed and delivered item.  I am sure you have seen this before.  Please give me some thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you.


Re: Fog on QHY268M Chip Chamber Window
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Can you confirm if the heating board is working well? And after using the desiccant tube, if the phenomenon is gone.

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