QHY294M not returning frames while streaming in full frame resolution


I am kindly looking for some advise with respect to configuring and setting a camera like the QHY294M up best for frame capture in streaming mode, especially when streaming in full frame resolution.

Background for this request is that I had recently worked on the indi_qhy_ccd driver with respect to better support frame capture in streaming mode for the larger QHY cameras (https://github.com/indilib/indi-3rdparty/pull/341) and during testing had come across some cases where my camera (QHY294M-Pro) would successfully enter streaming mode but then not record frames. This would happen especially when trying to record in full frame resolution. I don't think though that the problem is related to USB or hardware performance restrictions as higher frame sizes from the 47M read mode of the camera would record successfully again.

My impression was that this seemed more related to the aspect ratio of the frame, i.e. recording would work successfully whenever I chose a subframe aspect ratio of 1:1, 16:9 or 4:3,  but it would not work in the native frame format, i.e. for  4146 x 2822 resolution. Successful recordings would be possible i.e. with 2000x2000, 3600x2700, 3600x2025, or - for the 47M mode - also 6000x4000 would record successful.

I am attaching one of my driver logs which shows successful streaming sessions for 1280x960 and unsuccessful sessions for i.e. 4164x2795.

USB Driver settings where
USB traffic speed = 0,
USB Image buffer = 4096,
SDK version: 21.2.13 (build from indi)
OSX 11.1

Please advise what other information would be helpful or how to modify my test scenario.

Best regards

    I found this issue,and I'm testing it recently.When I get process,I will let you know.
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