Amp glow control support for QHY294M-Pro

Amp glow control support for QHY294M-Pro
« on: February 02, 2021, 11:00:12 AM »
Should the QHY294-Pro Mono camera support an option to enable amp glow control through the QHY SDK?

The instruction manual for this camera mentions that i.e. in SharpCap the amplifier illuminance suppression can be enabled or disabled via the 'LX' switch. However the camera replies 'false' when I try to query it for the amp glow control option through the SDK with:

        ret = IsQHYCCDControlAvailable(m_CameraHandle, CONTROL_AMPV);
        if (ret == QHYCCD_SUCCESS)
            HasAmpGlow = true;

I connect to the camera through SDK version 20-12-11-50 from a MacBook running OS X 11.1. The firmware version of my camera is reported as 20-11-7, the FPGA version is 20-10-27-12.

When recording dark frames I am getting a faint but noticeable amp glow as shown in the attached image which was taken with an exposure of 60s at gain 1800. Would this be the expected performance or should the amp glow be further reduced when running the camera in the correct mode for amplifier illuminance suppression?


Re: Amp glow control support for QHY294M-Pro
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AMP glow is managed by the camera itself for the new release camera
If the exposure time set to values bigger than a configured value, the AMP control will turn on by the camera.
That why it fain in your long expose photo, otherwise the border will be bright.
About the configured value, usually, it's set to around 2 or 3 seconds, depends on what kind of sensor the camera use.

Re: Amp glow control support for QHY294M-Pro
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Thanks much ma_rs for the reply.