Pattern when taking Darks - QHY163M

Pattern when taking Darks - QHY163M
« on: January 06, 2021, 08:16:45 PM »
Hi hope you are well and happy new year,

I have an issue with my QHY163M. I get a pattern when I take my darks.
I take my darks using Sharpcap. Current settings as per below:
Gain and Offset : 120, 70
Exp times 300s (Have done other exposures with same results)
Temperature; -10 degrees
the camera is connected directly to the computer via USB3 port and this supplies the correct voltage.
Latest drivers all in one drivers downloaded from QHY website this week.
Darks taken in a dark room with the camera lid on.

Please refer to image attached both fits and jpeg for reference,
hopefully you can help,