QHY miniGuideScope-Elongated stars

QHY miniGuideScope-Elongated stars
« on: August 24, 2020, 03:48:26 AM »
QHYminiGuideScope with the QHY5L-II

Currently I been using inside my dome a OAG without any issues. I cannot use a separate guilder-scope is because large/ normal guider scope on top of the Telescope (Tak 250mm /1250mm) will be obscured as the dome shutter has minimum width opening. So I purchased the about scope/ccd in-order  that it would within the shutter width.

However, I am getting elongated stars. I currently have in the OAG a Logester x2 and working fine with PHD2. Without changing the current setup, I switch to the QHY miniscope  and it failed to guide.

Question, given the specification of the miniscope aperture and the dimension of my large telescope/CCD (FLI 16803), could the tracking covering FOV of the miniscope would not be enough to move my setup??