Installing SDK

Installing SDK
« on: June 24, 2020, 09:38:23 AM »
   I am confused on how to replace the proper SDK! I was told to replace camera list. What do you replace it with? I don't see the file in the new SDK. Can you be more specific on how to install the files, and where they are to be found! Thanks for your help! Also I have sent a QHY 10 in for service several months ago, before virus outbreak. Mike Barber and Bruce Morrel were both in on sending it back. Neither of them has hear anything. Can you please check on the repair! Now after installing new SDK I cannot get a picture. The camera shoots downloads and I get a black frame! Help Update I am using a laptop with USB2 . could this be part or all of the problem?
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Re: Installing SDK
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Do you have application number for your repair camera?

What software do you use?

We show the way to replace the SDK in the web page.


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