QHY8L Master Reset


QHY8L Master Reset
« on: May 01, 2020, 08:52:05 PM »
I need some technical help.

My QHY8L, the camera, has been taking pictures flawlessly and then just quit. I've included computer screen captures of what the camera is currently doing for your review.

I have included screen captures from my Mac using easy capture in for my raspberry pi using KStars and INDI/Ekos.

With EZCapture, the camera can be controlled, cooled, and image with NO data being displayed from the camera's CCD.  The QHY8KL will not image, gather light.

With KStars and INDI/Ekos, the camera can not even be seen on the USB Port.


Is there a "Master Reset" for the QHY8L?

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    About "then just quit" you said,is it mean camera can't capture images or its images have issue?If you test it on Windows,if the QHY8L can work normally?
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Re: QHY8L Master Reset
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Thank you for taking the time to respond to my request.
I have configured my camera to a Windows 10 desktop, and the camera is detected, cooled, but no picture was taken or downloaded.

How would you like me to proceed?


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Re: QHY8L Master Reset
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    I will test it in my side,please wait some time.And your PDF file need password,I can't check it.Is it contain details about this issue?
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Re: QHY8L Master Reset
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I am sorry about the screw up with the password on the PDF file. 


The challenges of working from home now, keeping workflows separate, home/work.


The Problem Better Defined:

"then just quit"

This camera has been taking images successfully with MaxIM-DL[ASCOM, KStars/Ekos, EZCAP for years.  About a week ago, I was taking a series of "DarkFrames,"  with the temperature set to -20.

I was making frames for this imaging season's library, 30 seconds to 1800 seconds:

30 x 10
60 x 10
120 x 10
 etc ....

~ 4 frames into the 120-second run, the camera was downloading the FIT image, but there was no data, no color data[dark frame kind], no noise. 

I stopped the run and examined the frame with my FIT view, DEEP Sky Stacker. The frame was void of any sensor data.

I removed the cover from the camera and tried again with just room light, but once again, there was no data, no color data[dark frame kind], no noise.  I unplugged and powered down the camera and repeated the process with:

KStars/Ekos == Raspberry Pie
Mac/iOS EZCAP == MacBook Pro
Mac/iOS EZCAP Virtual Box Window 7 == MacPRO
Windows EZCAP == Desktop Windows 10
Windows MaxIM DL ASCOM == Desktop Windows 10

all of these platforms without the success of getting data, color, or noise. 

Again, the camera has performed flawlessly for years,  but "then just quit."

I was making the series of DARK-FRAMES in KStars/Ekos when all of this started.  As you saw in the images, I did to the test script, and for the first time, the camera is un-findable on the USB Port of the KStars/Ekos == Raspberry Pie Setup.  My QHY5II series camera does return the proper values on this setup. I did try the same physical USB Port on the Raspberry Pie without any success with the QHY8L.

I have attached the images I took with the camera results, again in a smaller format.

I did set the GAIN and an OFFSET without any result of an image being downloaded from the camera.

As you can see, Windows 10 does recognize the camera, and the camera cools with the controls, there is just no image. What else would you like me to try?

Thank you again for your time.


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    I tested the QHY8L in my side,on Windows and RPI4,the firmware version is 11-2-17,is same with yours.And both platform can capture images normally,the images can feedback on changes in light.
    And you said it can work normally previously,this more likely is a hardware issue.You can contact zyq@qhyccd.com,he is charge of after-sale and maintain.
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