Fine tuning of the Polemaster Android App

Fine tuning of the Polemaster Android App
« on: April 05, 2020, 10:21:13 PM »
I have become increasingly reliant on your Polemaster Android app, which is generally delivering very good alignment for me when used on a Nokia 6.1. However, I have one small suggestion that I believe would substantially improve my alignment. At present near the end of the initial alignment process, the user is asked to alter the alignment of the tracker to place the pole star within a yellow circle that surrounds a revolving cross. In my experience, the revolving cross substantially obscures my view of the pole star - can I please suggest that users could achieve much greater accuracy if they simply had to position the pole star within the centre of the yellow circle without the cross. Alternatively, could you add in the small higher resolution window shown at the lower left on the next screen so that the user can more accurately see when the pole star is correctly positioned?

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Re: Fine tuning of the Polemaster Android App
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I will  transfer this information to my collegue.
Thank you for your recommendation.

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