QHY163m and QHYCFW3M-SR connection and spacing, tilt

QHY163m and QHYCFW3M-SR connection and spacing, tilt
« on: April 02, 2020, 03:02:21 PM »
I have a Stellarvue FF/FR that requires 55mm of backspace.  I've been trying very hard to get the spacing right, but I think the issue is compounded by tilt.  I'm trying to make all the connections threaded in this set up and not use the 3 screw-in bolts that secure the camera to the FW as I think this is a possible location for tilt.  Do I need any adapters in order to connect the camera to FW directly without using the three screw in bolts?

I am also really worried that my camera sensor is tilted, when I rotate the camera ONLY with respect to the filter wheel, I can see significant tilt in my images using CCD inspector that follows the orientation of the camera, this would imply that the sensor is tilted with respect to the end of the unit correct? I've linked the CCD Inspector data for this below:


The following are raw images showing the aberrations:


I bought this last year, but only have had a few nights on it trying to troubleshoot these issues.


Re: QHY163m and QHYCFW3M-SR connection and spacing, tilt
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I have transfer the information to our colleague. We will reply you soon.

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