Offset array property for ASCOM camera driver

Offset array property for ASCOM camera driver
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Another update: ASCOM has released 6.5 RC2 with the note: "now fully implemented as are the new ICameraV3 offset". Anyone at QHY going to bother? I've posted on this in another sub-forum (where I at least got a reply) and will add this note there as well.

Update: Here's the ASCOM link on how to add the offset array property to the camera driver:

No replies - really?

On the ASCOM group forum a user recently requested adding an offset array property as a standard to the ASCOM camera driver:

A couple of us jumped in to support the request but it was rejected - at least for the near term. My support was more in principle rather than immediate need. My understanding is that you, and/or another vendor already provide on offset array property as an ASCOM extension, though the goal here is to make it part of the standard, so third party camera control software vendors, in this case Sequence Generator Pro (SGP), don't have the it's-not-part-of-the-standard excuse not to make use of it. The it's-not-part-of-the-standard excuse was why SGP dropped supporting user defined offsets when they switched from the camera vendor's custom driver to the camera vendor's ASCOM one. So...

If any of this makes sense, can you either reply here, or preferably on the ASCOM forum, with reason(s) why the offset array property should be added to the ASCOM camera driver standard? There were two arguments against adding this to the standard: 1) users shouldn't be setting offsets in that 2) users should be restricted to a small set of (gain-offset coupled) readout modes which are provided for in the standard. We were not successful countering these arguments (you'd have to follow the full thread for details).

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Re: Offset array property for ASCOM camera driver
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Either way - internally implementing safe offsets for different gain settings or allowing the user to manually set them, it would be useful. Currently the QHY ASCOM driver forgets my gain and offset settings and defaults each time I power on. It would be good to fix that and tie in ASCOM commands into the device properties to set both. With 12-14 bit CMOS cameras, it is becoming common to create an imaging sequence with multiple gains (and offset) to blend HDR and low noise images for the best of both worlds.
ASCOM was designed to remove the burden from imaging programs, so I don't see it as an excuse that SGP or any other app doesn't implement a particular dedicated hardware workaround. That, after all, is what ASCOM is supposed to avoid, for the benefit of all.
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Re: Offset array property for ASCOM camera driver
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    I modified ASCOM driver,now it can record your preset and last setup value.And added two textbox,this can make you set up gain and offset easily.
    And for Jesse,yes,I have plan about update ASCOM driver from ICamerV2 to ICameraV3,a people named Peter sent a email to me about this.But not now,I need solve most of current work,after that I will start the update work.
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