Failed to get effective area QHY165C

Failed to get effective area QHY165C
« on: November 05, 2018, 08:18:48 AM »

I am unable to retrieve information regarding the size and location of the effective imaging area and the overscan area of my QHY165C using qhy_ccd_test. I need this information to remove the overscan area from the frames taken using the camera via INDI/KStars/Ekos.

The output from qhy_ccd_test is as follows:

QHY Test CCD using SingleFrameMode, Version: 1.00
SDK resources initialized.
Number of QHYCCD cameras found: 1
Application connected to the following camera from the list: Index: 1,  cameraID = QHY165C-7a562442be25e4e16
Open QHYCCD success.
SetQHYCCDStreamMode set to: 0, success.
InitQHYCCD success.
Overscan Area startX x startY : 0 x 0
Overscan Area sizeX  x sizeY  : 0 x 0
Effective Area startX x startY: 0 x 0
Effective Area sizeX  x sizeY : 0 x 0
Effective Area startX x startY: 0 x 0
Chip  size width x height     : 23.846 x 16.214 [mm]
Pixel size width x height     : 4.800 x 4.800 [um]
Image size width x height     : 4968 x 3378
This is a color camera.
SetQHYCCDParam CONTROL_USBTRAFFIC set to: 10, success.
SetQHYCCDParam CONTROL_GAIN set to: 10, success
SetQHYCCDParam CONTROL_GAIN set to: 140, success.
SetQHYCCDParam CONTROL_EXPOSURE set to: 20000, success.
SetQHYCCDResolution roiStartX x roiStartY: 0 x 0
SetQHYCCDResolution roiSizeX  x roiSizeY : 4968 x 3378
SetQHYCCDBinMode set to: binX: 1, binY: 1, success.
SetQHYCCDParam CONTROL_GAIN set to: 10, success.
ExpQHYCCDSingleFrame(pCamHandle) - start...
ExpQHYCCDSingleFrame(pCamHandle) - end...
ExpQHYCCDSingleFrame success (0).
Allocated memory for frame: 100691424 [uchar].
GetQHYCCDSingleFrame: 4968 x 3376, bpp: 16, channels: 3, success.
CancelQHYCCDExposingAndReadout success.
2018-11-05 13:54:20:224: QHY5III165BASE::DisConnectCamera - closeCamera(pHandle: 0x558d432534e0) start...
2018-11-05 13:54:20:526: QHY5III165BASE::DisConnectCamera - closeCamera(pHandle: 0x558d432534e0) end  ...
Close QHYCCD success.
SDK resources released.

ASCOM was able to remove the overscan area, which suggests that the information is available somewhere.

Please would someone advise me the appropriate procedure to retrieve this information.


Re: Failed to get effective area QHY165C
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    Sorry for my late reply,I checked the SDK,follow its data introduction,165 doesn't overscan area.
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Re: Failed to get effective area QHY165C
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can someone share this qhy_ccd_test utility. I cannot find it anywhere. thanks!
windows version preferrably

Re: Failed to get effective area QHY165C
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    You can visit their GITHUB(https://github.com/indilib) or contact Jasem(mutlaqja@ikarustech.com).
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