qhyccd 6.0.4 .deb files for Ubuntu 18.04 etc.

qhyccd 6.0.4 .deb files for Ubuntu 18.04 etc.
« on: October 23, 2019, 04:26:40 PM »
I've just put these up at:


I believe they should work on Ubuntu from release 18.04 and Linux Mint versions based on those.

Changes are the the same as for the 6.0.3 version:

1) Split the SDK into three packages: the runtime libraries, the firmware and the development files (headers and static libraries, demos etc.).  The firmware could have been kept with the runtime, but I'm assuming one is likely to change more often than the other and one is architecture-dependent whilst the other isn't.

2) Added in some firmware files that I have sitting around that appeared to be missing, for example for the QHY6 Pro and IMG132E

3) Create a file for pkg-config to use to get the correct include/library directories

4) Moved all the header files to sit under .../include/qhyccd/...  This is because having a header file called config.h and putting it in a standard include directory is only ever going to cause pain, and also it's neater when there are multiple header files for a single library to put them in a separate subdirectory.

5) Cleaned up some of the #ifndef usage in the headers

6) Made some header changes to allow building into C code as well as C++.  After all, it's a C interface...

7) Renamed fxload to qhyfxload.  There's already an fxload package and clashing filenames is ugly.

8) Increased the priority of the udev ruleset from 85 to 70, because under some circumstances other udev rules can "eat" the connection data before it gets as far as 85.

9) Changed the new udev rule to increase the usbfs memory to a minimum of 256MB so that it doesn't reduce the memory available if it is already set higher.

10) Reduced the verbosity of the udev rules by moving some of the pattern matches out of the main rules

11) Removed the device permissions change to 0666 and the reference to the plugdev group and instead use the "uaccess" tag.  Having globally-writeable device files can only ever be a nasty hack and plugdev is deprecated, I believe.  As I understand it, the uaccess tag is now the "right way" to do it.

12) Added some rules for missing cameras

13) Uncommented the udev rules for loading the firmware for QHY411 and QHY600 cameras.  I assume these are still needed, but I may be wrong.

I've also updated the scripts to build the libraries from the distributed tarballs: https://github.com/openastroproject/libqhyccd-pkg


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Hi James,
since I have still a mono QHY600 on my desk, I can confirm, this set of .debs works with it on ubuntu 16. Indeed I would have expected it as version record talks of support for color balance in the QHY600C, but one never knows here. My one is mono so I can't test the feature anyway.
When I say working, it is in single shot mode; burst mode did not in 6.0.1 nor does here. There was a test report on https://www.qhyccd.com/html/test_version/ from which I understood it was not supposed even to be, but the file is gone. Usual mess.
Thanks for your work!
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Btw, would you consider to set up a permalink somewhere to a directory of all the qhy packages you create, or one to the always latest version of it? That would ease the installation instructions of my project at least, probably being beneficial to others as well. https://www.openastroproject.org/downloads/ contain a way too long list of everything, and is outdated at least in the libqhy respect.

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When the next version comes out I'll try to get something organised.


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Hi james,
6.0.5 is out since a while - have you by chance created new packages?

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My apologies Enrico.  For some reason I didn't get a notification about your reply and I'd not noticed it.  I have created new packages and I'll sort out making them available for download as soon as possible now I've seen your message.


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Thanks - We'll have to make new installations soon, I'll let you know how it went.
Best, Enrico

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Got to test it, it seems to work fine as well. Btw, what took me a bit to realize this time, was that apt was erroring out because of a previous installation of LINUX_qhyccd_V20190122_0.tgz. Which leaves untracked files which must be overwritten by the .deb. (solution:
Code: [Select]
cd /; rm -rf `tar -tf LINUX_qhyccd_V20190122_0.tgz`)
The lack of tracking in QHY's package was indeed my original complaint. Also, I think there were file conflicts also with indi-qhy which at one point of time was tested on the same machine. Mentioning it if someone runs into it as well.