QHY183M/QHY163M and Hyperstar

QHY183M/QHY163M and Hyperstar
« on: June 07, 2019, 11:53:21 AM »
I currently image with a CCD OSC (7.8uM x 7.8uM 3024x2016 APS-C format) and an 11" EDGE w/Hyperstar (f2, fl=560mm).  I want to get into 1) High(er) res imaging with this setup and 2) Narrowband imaging with this setup.  I already have both an Astronomik 12nm Ha and 12nm OIII filter that works surprisingly well with my OSC and Hyperstar.

Is there anyone with experience with either the QHY183M or QHY163M and a Hyperstar configuration?  If so, what about with Narrowband filters?

Lastly, how would you compare and or choose between the two cameras?


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Re: QHY183M/QHY163M and Hyperstar
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 I cannot answer you the first question.
 For the second I recommend 163 ,it has field of view.

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