QHY-163M image download times

QHY-163M image download times
« on: October 30, 2018, 02:49:21 PM »

how can I reduce the image download times of QHY-163M cameras with INDI?

I have two of these cameras and tried different cables, USB hubs, PC's, clients: download times are between 7s and 11s. The "USB traffic" setting has no effect. Cameras seem to operate in SuperSpeed mode (lsusb prints SuperSpeed device descriptors). But even with USB 2.0 download rates should be higher.

INDI Driver version is 1.8, Interface 22, libqhyccd version 2.0.10 (from 2018-07-19); image: full resoluton@12bit, raw mode

It may be an issue of the SDK/driver implementation because the 7s achieved on all recent PC's and the 11s are achieved on an old (slow) PC with AMD A-450 CPU.

Re: QHY-163M image download times
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    Sorry for my late reply,do you still have this issue,if so,I will report this issue to my colleague who is working on cross-platform SDK.
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