help, supply, and 'tickets'

help, supply, and 'tickets'
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Hi again,

This should be pretty straight forward as repair and parts tickets seem to be a major topic in this forum board.

The 'ticket' is, I hope, something like an 'purchase order' here in the US of A, and Mr. Qiu himself told me to make 1 out for what I need and they would ship the parts back to me.

There is a problem.
1.  Where are these tickets found in the QHY CCD company Internet site,
     if they aren't a paper and mail deal?  I looked and just got the ol'
     virtual run around at this QHY CCD site.
2.  Is there a part's list for ordering? 
3.  How are they made out and to who or for once is this actually a
     self evident given procedure?
4.  What is the remittance procedure for them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                                                            Thank you,

24 July, 16

Never mind, found it and now am the proud owner of ticket #4335, which was submitted and will take my QHYCCD ride concerning this leg of complexity for something that should have been pretty simple.

                                                                     I remain,

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