Time stamps at EZPlanetary Ver 3.7.6 questionable...

Time stamps at EZPlanetary Ver 3.7.6 questionable...
« on: May 18, 2016, 04:18:24 PM »
Hello all, especially QHYCCD EZPlanetary developers!
I was very glad to see that EZPlanetary can insert time stamps into the frames.
Yes, everybody knows that time stamps using Windows is really questionable.
I expected jitter, delays (dropped framing) and didn't ever dare to believe the time stamp resolution by 1/1000 sec. being real accuracy.
But I was really astonished to see that consequent frames show running time back!!!
Attached screen shooted time stamps of 5 sequent frames.
Trying forth and back to get out reason with the files of mercury transit on 09 mai 2016 I really want to evaluate refined I found that seemingly a zero is sometimes lost. Problematic seem to be the stamps having less than 3 numbers at the end.
The program reported 7fps recording.
This could be correct (even with delays, drops there are less than 6 fps) and if one inserts a zero after the comma (which is a : and is confusing) then the difference time between frames is approx. 7fps!
Means: The 13h13m5,78sec changed to 13h13m5,078sec seems correct, or at least much much better :)
But this is not always such - due to the randomly delays....

What I like to know is:
- Does anybody know how to avoid this obviously wrong time insertion?
- Could it be based on regional settings? (german regional settings often make such obscure problems)
- why is the part of seconds such displayed (: instead of . or ,), is this normal?

Equipment used and settings:
Alccd5L-II color CCD, serial nr. 013166 at 1280x960 "show time stamp" activated
EZPlanetary Ver 3.7.6, recording at automatical displayed 7 fps
Windows XP using a really fast SSD hard disc (Samsung SSD 840 Pro)
... maybe too fast? :-)
regional setting: german

thanks for any helpful hints,
best regards, Björn.